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A Gainous family legacy that started back in 1988. We are a family owned tree farm that began in Cairo, Georgia by two brothers. Jimmy and Larry Gainous started a small nursery on their farm in North Grady County in March 1988. Lee Gainous, son of Jimmy and nephew of Larry was attending school at ABAC in Tifton at the time. While working and going to school he worked on the nursery learning the trade. Many, many years later, the nursery has grown in acres and is still owned by the Gainous Family.

 We specialize in # 5 and # 7 shade trees and are wholesale only. We would love for you to come and visit our nursery.

Give us a call today to schedule a tour. 

Lee Gainous 229-378-4210

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Photos Updated 7/15/21

5 Gallon Autumn

Blaze Maple

5 gallon Accolade Elm

5 Gallon Accolade Elm

5 Gallon Cryptomeria - 'Yoshino'

5 Gallon Nellie R Stevens Holly


5 Gallon Bracken Brown Beauty Mag

5 Gallon

Muscogee Crape Myrtle MT

Cherokee Brave.JPG

5 Gallon Cherokee Brave Dogwood

7 Gallon

Claudia Wannamaker


Claudia 7.JPG

7 Gallon Claudia Wannamaker Mag

7 Gallon Sawtooth


DuraHeat River Birch STD.JPG

5 Gallon River Birch DuraHeat® STD

7 Gallon Bald


Fortunes Tea Olive.JPG

5 Gallon River Birch

Clump Dura Heat

5 Gallon Fortunes Tea Olive

Greensboro Red (2).JPG

7 Gallon Camellia Japonica
Greensboro Red


7 Gallon Camellia Sasanqua Aglaia


7 Gallon Bracken Brown Beauty Mag

5 Gallon Natchez Crape Myrtle MT

Chinese Pistache.JPG

5 Gallon Chinese Pistache

5 Gallon Sweet Bay

Magnolia MT

Cryptomeria .JPG

5 Gallon Cryptomeria - 'Yoshino'

European Hornbeam.JPG

5 Gallon European Hornbeam

5 Gallon Green

Giant Arborvitae

Frontier Elm.JPG

5 Gallon Frontier Elm

Happidaze 7.JPG

5 Gallon Happidaze® Sweetgum

Autumn Blaze.JPG

5 Gallon Autumn Blaze® Maple

Cedar Elm.JPG

5 Gallon Cedar Elm

5 Gallon 

Tulip Poplar

Chinkapin Oak 5.JPG

5 Gallon Chinkapin Oak

5 Gallon Tea Olive



5 Gallon D D Blanchard Magnolia

5 Gallon Willow



5 Gallon Fernspray Hinoki Cypress

Green Giant 5.JPG

5 Gallon Green Giant Arborvitae

Little Gem 5.JPG

5 Gallon Little Gem Magnolia

Miss Pryss Holly.JPG

5 Gallon Miss Pryss® Holly

Natchez MT 5.JPG

5 Gallon Natchez Crape Myrtle - MT

Overcup Oak 5.JPG

5 Gallon Overcup Oak

Rose of Autumn.JPG

7 Gallon Camellia Sasanqua
Rose of Autumn

Sweet Bay 5.JPG

5 Gallon Sweet Bay Magnolia MT


5 Gallon Trident Maple

Winged Elm.JPG

5 Gallon Winged Elm

Moonshadow (2).JPG

7 Gallon Camellia Sasanqua Moonshadow

Night Light.JPG

5 Gallon Night Light® Hinoki Cypress

Overcup Oak 7.JPG

7 Gallon Overcup Oak

Shishi 5.JPG

5 Gallon Camellia Sasanqua
Shishi Gashira

Sweet Bay STD.JPG

5 Gallon Sweet Bay Magnolia STD

Tulip Poplar.JPG

5 Gallon Tulip Poplar

Yule Tide 5.JPG

5 Gallon Camellia Sasanqua
Yule Tide

Murray Cypress.JPG

5 Gallon Leyland Cypress 'Murray'

Nuttall Oak 5.JPG

5 Gallon Nuttall Oak


5 Gallon Princess Dogwood

Shumard Oak 5.JPG

5 Gallon Shumard Oak

Sycamore Bloodgood.JPG

5 Gallon Sycamore Bloodgood

Weeping Willow.JPG

5 Gallon Weeping Willow

5 Gallon River Birch

Clump Heritage

Bald Cypress.JPG

5 Gallon Bald Cypress

5 Gallon Savannah - Holly Tree Form


5 Gallon Celebration® Maple

7 Gallon

Bracken's Brown Beauty


Claudia 5.JPG

5 Gallon Claudia Wannamaker Mag

5 Gallon Tea Olive


Dawn Redwood.JPG

5 Gallon Dawn Redwood

5 Gallon Nuttall


Florida Flame Maple.JPG

5 Gallon Florida Flame Maple

Green Giant 7.JPG

7 Gallon Green Giant Arborvitae

Little Gem 7.JPG

7 Gallon Little Gem Magnolia

Muscogee MT 5.JPG

5 Gallon Muscogee Crape Myrtle - MT

October Glory.JPG

5 Gallon October Glory® Maple

Princeton Elm.JPG

5 Gallon Princeton Elm

Summer Red.JPG

5 Gallon Summer Red® Maple


5 Gallon Sycamore 

Willow Oak 7.JPG

7 Gallon Willow Oak